Breaking News: The Postcard Images of George Alfred Barrowclough

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Breaking News: The Postcard Images of George Alfred Barrowclough by Thirkell, Fred; Scullion, Bob. Published by Heritage House Publishing, Surrey, B. C., 2004. First Edition. Glossy card covers. 8vo up to 9½” tall. 191 pages. The lightest of shelf wear to card covers and otherwise pristine. This volume received a City of Vancouver Heritage Award, in 2005.

Before the First World War, photographs of major news events were rarely seen in the daily newspapers; the technology was still too new to make their use viable. Filling the gap and providing the missing images were the postcard photographers, who could make their breaking-news photos available on the street the day after an event occurred. George Alfred Barrowclough was one of those photographers.

Barrowclough had the eye of an artist and the nose of a newsman. His images of Vancouver and the surrounding areas stand out over those of other postcard photographers of his day in that they are more people-centred and action-oriented, capturing the lives and appearances of the people living in and around Vancouver in the decade before the Great War.   002611    $20


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