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ROGER PATTERSON’S SNOWMAN BOOK: A Comparative Bibliography of Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist? Baade, Eugene W. Published by Gene W. Baade Books on the West, Renton, Washington, 2016. First edition/First Printing limited to 300 copies. Signed by the author on title page. Pictorial card covers. 4to up to 12″ tall. 90 pages plus preliminaries and including bibliography and works cited and consulted. Profusely illustrated throughout in both black and white and color. Errata slip laid in. Volume is in pristine condition.

The extended subtitle adds, “… including a commentary on book collecting and the significance of the Patterson book.”

“After several years of research, the author has published the first bibliography of Roger Patterson’s famous 1966 book, which was the first to be entirely devoted to the subject of Bigfoot (or sasquatch) in North America, and which preceded by a year the film footage which he and Bob Gimlin acquired in northern California. Published late in the 50th anniversary year of Patterson’s work, and released in early 2017, the author proposes a sequence of printing of the various editions, printings, and variants of Mr. Patterson’s book. He bibliographically describes the different copies of Patterson’s book according to 24 categories and explores what differentiates the various copies that say, “First Edition.” Readers will learn when a “First Edition” is not a first edition. The author’s nearly 30 years in the antiquarian book trade helped him to provide a “primer” on book collecting that he hopes will be helpful for owners of Patterson’s book. He also considers the importance of the Patterson book. Several noted sasquatch/Bigfoot authors and authorities on the subject have communicated to the author the fact that they really like this book and that it fills an important gap in the literature. Among authorities consulted in the research and writing of this book was the original publisher of Patterson’s book”.  002441       $40


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