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The Journal of the American Institute of Hypnosis   1969-1975 Complete Run

The Journal of the American Institute of Hypnosis, Volume 10 1969 to Volume 16 1975 Complete Run. Editor in Chief, William J. Bryan Jr. MD FAIH. The American Institute of Hypnosis, Los Angeles, California, 1969 -1975. Dark blue hard binders with gilt stamped titles front and spine. Includes pack of elastics for inserting individual issue in binder. Each issue is between 45-50 pages and includes many illustrations, diagrams and ads.  Binders are tight and un-used; issues unread.  A few issues have light and tiny age toning marks to covers.  Note Volume 15 and Volume 16 lack binder.

Volume 10 – 1969 4 issues,  172 pages (Issues numbered consecutively) . Topics include:  The Role Of Catatonine In Hypnotical Catalepsy. M.K. Muftic. M.D.; The Collective Practice Of  Hypnosis At The Chinese Moon Festival, Pang L. Man, M.D.;   Psychopathology Of Religious Disorders, Rev. Dr. L.D. Canon Gottschall;  Previous Lives. Volume 11 – 1970  4 Issues  195 pages.  Topics include:  Special focus on Hypnosis’ and the Law; The Use of Hypnosis in the Pre-trial Examination of the Accused, B.J. Hartman;  Truth Serum, Hypnotism and Truth; Application of Hypnosis to Admiralty Law;  Hypnosis in Exodontia and Prosthetics;  A New Induction Method: Electrohypnosis, by M.K. Muffic. Volume 12, 1971  4 Issues  195 pages.  Topics include: Pscho Sensory Respiration As A Preparation For Painless Childbirth, Umberto Piscicelli. M.D.; The Oral Cavity As The Origin Of Pleasure And Punishment, Garland H. Fross. D.D.S. ; Atopic Dermatitis; Multiple Sclerosis; Anorexia Nervosa; Report of a Case of Anesthesia of the Penis Cured By Hypnotheraphy, Willima L. Doane. M.D. ;  Dismistress (The Successful Treatment of the “Wife vs. Career” Syndrome); Use of Hypnotherapy in Drug Abuse, I.M. Perkins, M.D.  Volume 13 – 1972  6 Issues Total 297 pages. Topics includeSexual Aspects in the Practice of Dermatology; Aphrodisiacs ; How to Have an Affair by Art Buchwald; The Oral Cavity as the Second Vagina in Dentistry, John Kleinschmidt; Group Sexuality Activity by William J. Bryan, The Fertility Festival At Tagata Shinto Shrine Part 1, Kichi Numazawa. Volume 14 – 1973  6 Issues, Total 246 pages. Topics include: The Fertility Festival At Tagata Shinto Shrine Part 2;  Similarities and Differences between Zen, Acupuncture;  Autogene Training and Hypnosis;  Science Of Zazen, Drs Akira Kasamatsu and Milo Hirai.  Volume 15 – 1974  5 Issues, Total 242 pages. Topics include: Age Regression Before Birth;  “Narcolepsy” May Be Walking Zombie Syndrome;  The Qur’an on the Cause of the Fall of Man, Dr. Mahmud Muftic  (Parts 1 and 2). Volume 16 – 1975 5 Issues,  Total 250 pages. Topics include:  The Qur’an on the Cause of the Fall of Man, (Part 3); 100 Cases of Reincarnation?, James Parejko  (Parts 1 and 2); Admissibility Of Evidence Developed Under Hypnosis; Tension Free Dentistry Dr R.A. Cooper; Transcendental Meditation.

The American Institute of Hypnosis was a scholarly society founded in 1955 by Dr. William Joseph Bryan. The membership was comprised of scholars and practitioners of medicine, dentistry, psychology, psychiatry, theology, law, etc. According to one source, it became “the world’s most respected educational institution devoted solely to teaching hypnosis in medicine and dentistry to physicians and dentists all over the world”.  William Joseph Bryan, Jr. (1926–1977) first worked as a military psychiatrist and became involved in research for the CIA including ‘mind control’ Projects Artichoke and, MKUltra. He later focused on legal hypnosis; he is known for inducing Albert DeSalvo’s confession to multiple homicides under hypnosis.  He developed the ‘Bryan Method’ of hypnoanalysis and is credited with being one of the major founders of modern hypnotherapy.  002170  $270


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