McSweeney’s Trying Issue No. 4: Late Winter 2000 – First Printing , , , , ,


Timothy McSweeney’s Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, Trying, Issue No. 4: Late Winter 2000, Eggers, Dave (Editor). Oddi Printing Company, 2000, Iceland. This Oddi printing is the true First Edition, First Printing. Fourteen separate bound booklets laid into a white cardboard box. Contents in pristine, unread condition; Card box in fine condition. Contents: Denis Johnson’s “Hellhound On My Trail”, Paul Maliszewski’s “Paperback Nabokov”, Jonathan Lethem’s “K Is For Fake”, Lawrence Weschler’s “Threadworks Of The Seventeenth Century”, Lydia Davis’s “A Mown Lawn”, Sheila Heti’s “The Middle Tales”, Paul Collins’s “Symmes Hole: A Man From Ohio, and The Distinct Possibility Of A World Within This World”, Rick Moody’s “The Double Zero”, Haruki Murakami’s “Dabchick”, George Saunders’s “Four Institutional Monologues” , Rachel Cohen’s “A Chance Meeting”, Ben Miller’s “Dar(E)Apy”, Various Authors “Shorter Stories”, “Notes and Background, and Clarifying Charts and Some Complaining”, As Well As A Witty “Subscriber Agreement” Broadsheet. 001852 $120


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