Book Apraisals


I provide written appraisals for private and public estate and/or special book collections. Each appraisal is different depending on client’s needs and size of collection. Fees are based on hours of research required, number of descriptors required by client, size of collection and travel costs if necessary. If the books are outside my area of expertise I will happily refer you to other dealers. In some limited cases, appraisals can be done via email and pictures. A fee estimate will be provided in advance; fees are waived in some circumstances. Appraisal Fees are NOT Charged if you offering your books for purchase directly to Back Lane Books.

Please inquire by phone or email for a consultation.

A great place to find vintage books. Whether you’re buying or selling, they offer an amazing selection of first editions, signed, rare & antiquarian books.


You are welcome to bring in several boxes of books or, just one book. If you have a large number of books and/or accessibility is an issue, I am happy to arrange an in home visit. I AM CURRENTLY BUYING RARE AND COLLECTIBLE ONLY – PLEASE PHONE AHEAD BEFORE BRINGING BOOKS.

I am interested in purchasing books in very good to fine condition. Price paid for books is based on condition, edition and resale potential. Standard purchasing price is between 10-40% of projected resale price; special owner collections may be considered for sale on a commission basis.

SORRY, I DO NOT PURCHASE: Text/Course Books, Encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest, Magazines, Comic Books, Chicken Soup, Computer/Business, Reference, Travel, Health, Self Help, Psychology, Sports, Children or Teen Fiction (Antiquarian Considered).